Australian Cleaning Group speialises in carpet cleaning services in NSW & VIC . Even the most well cared for carpet will still pick up dirt, marks, dust and stains over the years, especially in high traffic areas.

Any type of carpet lasts long when it is cleaned at regular intervals. It can either be done by the owner or one can take help from a professional. Though the regular dusting can be done by anyone, it is the special cleaning process that requires expert intervention. Whoever takes up the cleaning, it is vital to follow the right steps for optimum effectiveness.

A quality carpet cleaning service is hard to come by, but we are committed to providing you with just that. We have carpet cleaning professionals based all over Australia and the serving your local area on a daily basis. All of our carpet cleaners are equipped with the latest carpet cleaning materials and technology, and we use natural carpet cleaning products whenever possible.

Australian Cleaning Group is the Professional Carpet cleaning for all types of fabrics

You get great carpet cleaning prices and the best cleaning results with the lowest possible environmental impact, all delivered with courtesy and professionalism. No matter the style, fabric or state of your carpets, we will have them looking brand-new in a single appointment.

No matter what your carpet needs may be, be sure to email us or give us a call at Australian Cleaning Group so that we can give you an accurate bid. We pride ourselves in doing quality work, and doing it right the first time. Not only that, we finish all of our projects in a timely fashion so that you can get about your daily activities in no time.